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One of the things on my mind this Sunday morning is how much I love and respect technology. When I think about being a kid and starting small, sitting in Mr. Olin's computer class in the small private school that I went to, playing around in DOS and visual basic, to taking MIS courses in college, learning how to code C++ (and only doing the most mediocre of jobs), to this past year learning how to intermediately write code to program data science, while building out network architecture in Azure and AWS, my mind is blown. This past podcast, we touch on the concept a bit and I made a statement that I can basically do all of the same things with a PC since 2011. Well, that's not necessarily true. Yes, I can definitely carry a laptop with me and a phone and check e-mail, text, use apps, but the capabilities within those apps and programs, in addition to the cloud based resources is not only something to note, but is something to behold.

What I mean is that these days, anyone with an internet connection (and a credit card) can literallly build entire enterprise architecture that is completely scalable that would have taken hundreds of thousands of dollars to procure and deploy in the field.

That level of scale and democratization spurs me to create a lot more and right now my obsession is with building stuff in the cloud. I may be a day late on that but I don't care. The whole thing is completely fascinating and as they say, you never know until you try.

So, for all of the few readers that read this, here's a couple non-affiliate links to get started on Amazon and Azure. I encourage you to take the tutorials and play around. You can literally have the crappiest PC in the world and still access everything as long as your web browser is modern and working.

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