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If you've made it this far, congratulations. This is my first blog post that I have ever made and I have no idea how you found this post unless you were aimlessly clicking around on my half finished website. I'll be honest, being new to the web game is a little daunting so bear with me. Most of my career has been spent on internal teams in I.T. and not out in the world exposing myself to all sorts of criticism. I hope to share some of the knowledge that I have accumulated over the 15+ years that I've been doing some form of I.T. and deliver it in a meaningful way. Right now, I'm busy redesigning this web site in the midst of a global pandemic where we have had to drastically cut budget/costs in our small company, while trying to grow our business to become a leader of I.T. as a Service (ITaaS) in a few verticals, so I might be a little short on time.

Hopefully I don't bore everyone to death with lots of writing about obscure technology, but I reserve the right to bore you to death if I choose.

Here's to you for reading this, and here's to our wonderful employees at our company for sticking it out in times of uncertainty... More to come.


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