No to Antivirus, Yes to EDR

There's few things that I think are really amazing in tech, but one of the most recent things that I have found is the cloud-based, artificial intelligence, and machine learning endpoint detection response (the new anti-virus) software, Sentinel One. We recently discovered this software due to our RMM provider adding it to their arsenal. We have encouraged deployment to our clients and encourage you, oh fearless reader, to take a look as well. Full disclaimer, yes, we sell this to make money. No, we aren't ashamed of that. We offer it at a very low rate to regular consumers because we believe that everyone should have the ability to access this on their own machines. We also believe that every business should have this software installed on their endpoints. Hit us up in our contact section and ask for a quote for your business by clicking here: Contact.

SentinelOne is an enterprise level, next generation endpoint protection platform. The do not sell to end customers that fall below 2,000 endpoints, with a healthy pricetag for each endpoint (computer or server). Additionally, SentinelOne has their own security operations center (aka a SOC), which is a very expensive thing to run for a small to medium business. We offer it to everyone that does business with our company as a SaaS (Software as a Service).

The agent is extremely lightweight, meaning it has minimal impact on the computer or server that it operates on, and is mostly autonomous. I run it on my machines, and I never notice anything - no pop ups, no annoying banners asking me to buy more crap, etc. The only thing that ever pops up for me is if I download something it deems risky. When that happens, and given that I have a team of people watching this stuff from a dashboard in our own SOC, we can see everything that happened within seconds of an incident, including the automated actions that the software takes. Usually an infection is immediately killed/quarantined, but settings can be adjusted based on client/network need.

Below are youtube links to their software in action so you can see some of the power this thing has firsthand. Contact us here to find out more & get a quote.

You can also find SentinelOne's Youtube page here: SentinelOne

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