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So what on earth is a Fetzerhaus?  Fetzer is the last name of our founder, and it was a creative expression to name a business mixed with German roots.  Fetzer is a well known brand, mostly thanks to our friends in California, but we have no affiliation with them.

The idea of the "haus" is a German spelling of "house" and represents our company's mission of three key goals: protecting your business' cyber presence; preventing costly downtime by preventing IT issues, and being your partner for life.  We look at your business as being protected under our house, by our IT stack and professional services.  Our logo reflects our desire to provide the level of coverage and protection, as if you were in your own home.

We have been serving North America since 2018, providing IT Services and consulting to small and medium-sized businesses.

Our dedicated staff loves seeing our clients succeed. Our greatest asset is our people, which come from diverse backgrounds and bring a unique mix of talent to support your business.  Your success is our success, and as you grow, we grow.

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