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Fetzerhaus was founded after we started seeing a gap in the market for small to medium business' cybersecurity posture.  Our goal is to offer management, maintenance, and protection of your revenue generating business devices and network, with the goal of avoiding costly downtime in your business.  We operate with a NOC style support system and offer comprehensive monitoring solutions for every device need.  We also offer small business (less than 10 users) solutions as well.  Check out our services (below) and on our plans & pricing page (above).



We offer a comprehensive IT stack, designed to meet the needs of small to medium business (1-200 users).  Below are our services offerings.  Click Get in Touch at the top of the page for a free assessment of your IT environment!

Cloud 5 Pack

Everything the small business needs

Our Cloud 5 Pack is the leading bundle that every business needs.  What's in the bundle?  See below:
Managed Storage (up to 250GB)
Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes (up to 5)
Hosted Basic Website
User PC Remote Monitoring (up to 5)
Patch Management
User PC Endpoint Virus Protection (up to 5)
User Email Spam Filtering (up to 5)
Microsoft Office 365 (up to 5)
Email Archiving and Web Access
Email Encryption
Reduced rates for remote support and strategic sessions

Network Management

Committed to Quality

Is your IT network fit to power your business reliably and without outages?
Our comprehensive network management services include:
24/7/365 Monitoring and Management our Network Operations Center
Ad blocking across your entire network
DNS Management
Intrusion Detection
Intrusion Prevention
Internet Service Provider Management
Implementation / project management

Internet of Things

Exceeding Expectations

Smart devices such as security cameras, door access controls, sensors, alarms, and certain network devices, etc. all fall under the idea of the Internet of Things.  These devices present a security risk for all businesses, large and small.  In fact, leading industry experts predict an explosion of IoT devices across global markets in the 2020's.
Contact us to learn more about device management for IoT devices such as:
Smart device management
HVAC device management
Water/Sewer monitoring sensor management
Alternative networks (i.e. Lorawan) management
Door access management
Security camera management


Voice over Internet Protocol

What’s the common thread that affects both customer satisfaction and employee productivity?
Your business phone system.
The phone is the front door for customers to your business and the primary tool for
your employees to collaborate and get work done.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

We offer a wide array of mobile device management capabilities, with cutting edge software solutions that manage all of the major manufacturers and providers in the United States:
Phones (iOS, Android, Windows)
Tablets (iPadOS, Android, Windows)
Laptops (Windows, MacOS, Chrome)
Wireless Carrier Management (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile/Sprint)

Servers / Desktops

Device Management

Our management platfrom comes with a cutting edge service portfolio, including:
Antivirus and Endpoint Detection Response by SentinelOne
Web Protection
Remote Access (Desktop Support)
Scripting and Automation
Patching and Update management of Windows and 3rd party updates
We offer I.T. as a service through a monthly commitment for the above, as well as on-site project management and implementations at an hourly rate.


About Us

On the origin of Fetzerhaus:  Fetzer is the last name of our founder, and it was a creative expression to name a business mixed with German roots.  Fetzer is a well known brand, mostly thanks to our friends in California, but we have no affiliation with them.

The idea of the "haus" is a German spelling of "house" and represents our company's mission of three key goals: protecting your business' cyber presence; preventing costly downtime by preventing IT issues, and adding you as part of our family in our haus.    Our logo reflects our desire to provide the level of coverage and protection that we would provide for our own family.  Join our haus, and use our family of products to enable your business to reach its goals.

We have been serving since 2018, providing IT Services and consulting to small and medium-sized businesses.  We are a young team with big ideas, high demand, and spectacular execution.


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